Getting your Bar or Restaurant Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted March 15, 2017 by CPS



According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), St. Patrick’s Day spending is expected to reach $5.3 billion in 2017, an all-time high since the NRF started conducting this analysis 13 years ago. You can rest assured that a large portion of this spending will take place at bars and restaurants across the country!


Although the annual March holiday is rooted in Irish tradition, over 139 million Americans are expected to spend an average of $37.92 per person celebrating it. The NRF’s survey found that 52% of celebrants will purchase food and 41%, beverages.


So how can your bar or restaurant properly prepare? It all starts with the kitchen:


Get Organized

Start your spring cleaning early and ensure a work space free of clutter. A more organized kitchen means better performing employees and happier guests. Double check your inventory so your cooks aren’t running out of ingredients and give all your kitchen staff an organized working environment.


Troubleshoot Equipment & Appliances

The worst thing that can happen in the middle of a dinner rush, let alone a holiday dinner rush, is failing equipment. From ovens and fryers to ice machines and freezers, make sure all your equipment is running in peak condition before the holiday.


Staff Accordingly

If you’re understaffed, your St. Patty’s Day celebration could turn into a disaster. Make sure you have enough cooks, bartenders, and servers to accommodate the needs of patrons. If you’re offering drink or food specials, make sure your servers are well-aware of the menu changes.


Be Festive

This year, March 17 falls on a Friday which makes it even more likely that people will be in a party mood. In your dining room, create an atmosphere where people will want to come and celebrate! With more traffic in your bar or restaurant, this is a good chance to impress new customers.


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