Fixin’ The Kitchen With CPS: How To Properly Care For Your Commercial Coolers & Freezers

  • Common Problem #1: No Power
    • There are a couple fixes to this solution – first of all, have you checked to make sure it’s plugged in? The plug could have loosened from the socket, so the first thing you should do is make sure the plug is securely inserted in the wall. If this doesn’t solve it, the power cord may be damaged or broken – look for any tears, bends, or abnormalities in the cord running from the unit into the wall. Finally, if it’s neither of these things, check your fuse box – a blown fuse or a tripped circuit could be disrupting the flow of electricity.
  • Common Problem #2: Too Warm Or Too Cold
    • Temperature irregularities can pose a big problem in commercial kitchens – if your food is too cold or even frozen when it shouldn’t be, this can obviously disrupt the food preparation process. Additionally, this can cause a buildup of ice in the machine, which can interrupt the functions of the coils, fans, and compressors that keep the machine running. If your cooler or freezer is too warm, this could be due to several issues. First, make sure the door is sealing completely when shut, because any escape of air around the perimeter of the door will contribute to a higher temperature inside the machine. This could also pose an issue if the door is being opened too frequently or being left open for long periods of time. Make sure the machine’s thermostat is running correctly and that the kitchen staff knows that cooler and freezer doors should be open only when necessary and closed completely while not in use.
  • Common Problem #3: Evaporator Fan
    • The evaporator fan is the part of the cooler or freezer that keeps air constantly flowing through the unit. If this part of the machine is not working properly, it may cause the inside of the unit to freeze up and create ice where there shouldn’t be. A good way to know if this part of the machine is acting up is if the fan is especially noisy – inspect the fan for any evident damage or loose components near the blades that might be interfering with their function. If the evaporator coils are dirty or frozen, this will also impact the fan while running – make sure these coils are clean and not covered in thick frost. Refer to your machine’s manual before cleaning these components!
  • Common Problem #4: Lighting Issues
    • Interior machine lighting may not seem like a big issue, but it’s important to make sure the lights are working for visibility and storage purposes. If you need to replace a bulb, make sure to consult the machine’s manual to see what type of bulb is necessary, and then let us know – we can order any lightbulb you need for you! If you do not use the proper lightbulb for the machine, you could burn out the sockets, which will be a larger repair issue down the road.
  • Common Problem #5: Leaking Water
    • If there is standing water near or underneath your machine, that could pose both a health and safety issue in your kitchen, so you need to figure out where it’s coming from! It could be coming from a clogged drainage hose, which means the defrost function is not working correctly – if this hose is blocked or tangled, make sure to rectify that so the clog does not cause further leaking. If the evaporator pan is full of water, that means the compressor that moves the refrigerant through the machine could be broken and may be in need of replacement.

Make sure to regularly check the components of your cooler and freezer units for any of these warning signs – it is always better to catch these issues early, so they don’t snowball into larger problems that ultimately cost more time and money. At CPS, we have a dedicated proactive maintenance and emergency service program that you can enroll in – for a reasonable monthly fee, our team of CFESA-certified service technicians will visit your establishment and conduct a thorough check-up on all of your commercial kitchen equipment, including all cooling and freezing units.

If you ever need to replace a specific part of your commercial kitchen cooler or freezer, CPS is the #1 company to call. We carry more than 5 million commercial kitchen OEM parts in our 40,000+ square foot warehouse, including cooler door gaskets, water cooler tubes, scrapers, compressor cords, and refrigerator doors. No matter your cooler or freezer’s make, model, or manufacturer, we’re practically guaranteed to have the right part in stock to fix any problem you encounter. And we’ll ship it to you within 24 hours! If you’re ready to properly care for your commercial cooling units, call CPS today: