A Better Breakfast for Your Restaurant

Posted December 18, 2012 by CPS

When done correctly, breakfast can be the best meal of the day.  Somehow, breakfast is able to combine savory, sweet, sour, and an assortment of other flavors to create a dish that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Bacon and syrup?  Why not, it’s breakfast.

The only downfall of breakfast is the fact that many restaurants do not have it.  Despite its opportunities for immense amounts of deliciousness, commercial kitchens far too often ignore the beauty of breakfast.  Lacking a breakfast menu is a forgivable offense but commercial kitchens should realize that breakfast can be a simple way to bring in new customers and new business.

When commercial kitchens begin to investigate whether or not they should begin offering a breakfast menu, they will inevitably run into the issue of equipment.  Restaurant managers and owners are bound to encounter a problem or two along the way.  They may not have the specific commercial kitchen equipment necessary to make some breakfast foods.  They may not have a reliable commercial kitchen equipment supplier.  They may even lack a certified service technician.

Here are the hurdles restaurateurs will have to overcome in order to start serving a delicious and popular breakfast.

  • Finding the right manufacturer of kitchen equipment for your breakfast menu can be difficult.  There are a myriad of manufacturers to choose from so which one is right?  After working with manufacturers for so many years, we’ve compiled quite the list of trusted companies that can lead you in the right direction.
  • Because the actual equipment used in breakfast preparation is often different, you should do research into what kind of food you want to make.  A breakfast menu from a commercial kitchen is not complete without a solid waffle maker.  Maybe, though, your restaurant has a French flare in which case you’d be in the market for a crepe maker.
  • If your commercial breakfast equipment needs maintenance, who should you turn to?  What if your Wells Manufacturing food warmer needs service?  You will certainly need a trusted name in the commercial kitchen service industry, preferably one with CFESA certification.  A service provider that also knows the ins and outs of commercial kitchen parts would also be nice.

Adding a breakfast to your restaurant’s menu can be beneficial to your customers and your bottom line and as always, CPS is here for your OEM replacement parts, certified service, and helpful support.