CPS is Burke & Schindler’s Client of the Quarter!

Posted August 30, 2013 by CPS

We at Commercial Parts & Service (CPS) are the go-to folks for any foodservice machinery repair. Bragging isn’t our thing (except when it comes to how much we love food), so luckily there are people out there who will talk about how great we are. Our friends over at Burke & Schindler have kindly named Commercial Parts & Service their client of the quarter!

Aw, shucks.

They say some pretty wonderful facts about us. When you boil it down like they have, we are pretty impressive. They say things like (and here I’m quoting, not bragging) we stock 2 million parts and have 5 million available online to order, that we’re only 1 of 32 businesses certified by CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Association) in the country and the largest in Ohio, and that we have clients in 100 different countries. That’s quite a bit to manage. We’d like to return the compliment.

CPS could not do what it does without the talented folks at Burke & Schindler. We have so many different parts, ways of ordering, invoices, clients, tax codes to follow, export laws to obey, and offices that we are eternally grateful to Burke & Schindler for being our CPAs. They go above and beyond standard fare accounting, providing financial advice for growing our business and our personal futures. They have a big job, and they do it with as much enthusiasm as we do ours.

Think of it this way: what do people value in the Commercial Parts & Service promise? When restaurateurs and other food-related business owners give us a call, it’s because they trust our expert advice and technical knowledge. Those are the exact same reasons why we partner with Burke & Schindler.

Burke & Schindler: Providing Financial Advice, So CPS Can Deliver Parts, So You Can Eat Food.

We’re still there in the middle, so it’s almost a slogan.