CPS Loves Springtime Vegetables!

Posted March 27, 2014 by CPS

Throughout the Midwest, the Polar Vortex made March a welcome sight after a cold winter. Now that spring is finally in sight and we can put the mountains of snow and frigid temperatures behind us, it’s time to look forward to the blossoms of the new season.

With spring comes new growth – especially vegetables. It is always a huge hit with customers when restaurants embrace the season and serve fresh, seasonal produce. Some vegetables that begin growing in the springtime in Ohio include:

  • Asparagus (April through June)
  • Beets (May through October)
  • Carrots (May through November)
  • Chard (May through November)
  • Greens (May through November)
  • Parsnips (April and May)
  • Rhubarb (April through June)
  • Spinach (May through October)

Vegetables can be used in a variety of dishes, and be cooked in many different ways. Beets and carrots are perfect in a salad with fresh spinach, while asparagus, parsnips, and numerous other vegetables are amazing when prepared in a vegetable steamer.

Steamed vegetables are always a popular choice to complement a main dish, and keep guests coming back for more! In order to make a profit by offering the ever-popular springtime vegetables, your restaurant needs to have a properly functioning vegetable steamer. Popular brands of steamers, including Cleveland Range, Southbend, and Vulcan-Hart, can make sure properly steamed (and very nutritious) vegetables come out of your kitchen perfect every time.

CPS is here to make certain that your restaurant’s commercial vegetable steamer is always working well – especially now that vegetables are coming into season. We have the ability to service a variety of types of commercial steamers. Contact a service expert at CPS today to ensure that your steamer is in top shape to serve freshly steamed Ohio vegetables!

Spring vegetable season – just another (fresh) reason why CPS loves food!