Reduce Your Fire Risk with Regular Maintenance

Posted May 2, 2014 by CPS

In the fast-paced world that surrounds your restaurant, preventing fires may not be your biggest concern on a daily basis. Though it isn’t front-of-mind when you’re managing front-of-house, an accidental fire in your kitchen could cost you more than customers. Between the downtime, cleaning, and rebuilding costs that come with a commercial kitchen fire, the recovery could be devastating.

In this situation, regular service for your kitchen is your best part. With a continual commercial kitchen maintenance schedule, not only will your kitchen continue to run in peak condition, but you can also reduce the risk of an accidental fire. Here are three ways regular maintenance can keep your kitchen running smooth and safe:

  1. Through regular maintenance and cleaning of critical commercial kitchen parts, your fire risk significantly drops. A technician can inspect some of the core safety pieces, like your commercial kitchen hood and grease traps, and diagnose any problems before they turn into major hazards. Keeping all your parts well maintained is a small cost to prevent a big problem.
  2. Your commercial stove is one of the most used pieces in your kitchen every single day. Because of its frequent utilization, your stove is a prime candidate for a breakdown. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of worn out parts (like valves and burner heads) can reduce the chances of a fire originating from your stove, and keep food tasting great.
  3. Commercial fryers are a mainstay of kitchens across the Midwest. But one that isn’t regularly maintained can also create big problems. Thermostat malfunction and chimney grease buildup can ultimately create a fire hazard. With regular service, you can keep your commercial fryer running in top shape, and prevent problems before they build up.

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