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The Benefits of Accelerated Cooking

As a commercial kitchen operator or restaurant manager, you are tasked with a lot. Responsibilities include making sure the kitchen runs smoothly, the staff are happy, the food is high quality, and the service is great, just to name a few. The big picture may be challenging at times, but it tends to be the small details of running a kitchen efficiently that can cause stress.
Things such as energy consumption and waste by-product, the speed of service, and space-saving design might not be on the top of your list of to-do’s but, thanks to new technology, you won’t have to spend much time thinking about those topics. Accelerated cooking through the use of appliances such as Impingement Toasters or Induction Ovens is being used to combat these issues for you.
Some of the benefits of accelerated cooking are:
• Higher speed cooking and faster speed of service
• Reduction in energy and waste
• Decreased need for labor due to “smart” functionality
• Ventless technology and space saving design
Wondering how you can incorporate the benefits of accelerated cooking in your kitchen? Check out Foodservice Equipment and Supplies’ recent online article covering some of the most popular accelerated cooking appliances and equipment.
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