Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Walk-Ins This Summer

Posted August 23, 2017 by CPS

As temperatures climb outside, they can climb inside your walk-in refrigerators and freezers as well. Preventing this climb in temperatures is a vital part of keeping the food your kitchen serves safe. The best way to do this is to have the machinery frequently tuned-up. Our experts at CPS can make sure your walk-ins are ready to handle the heat.

  1. Make sure your evaporator fan coils and blades are routinely cleaned.
    This needs to be done at least once a quarter, but an extra cleaning before the heat sets in will help the cooling mechanism to keep up in its fight against the heat
  1. Inspect door seals
    It’s always important to be sure that your walk-in doors seal properly, but it’s even more important during the heat of summer when a small crack in the seal can allow very hot air into the walk-in. Our experts at CPS can inspect your seals and repair or replace damaged doors.
  1. Only open the doors when absolutely necessary
    This means no “cooling off” in the walk-in and certainly no forgetting to close the doors behind you. Every second that the doors are open cold air is allowed to rush out while hot air rushes in and quickly raises the temperature above food-safe levels.
  1. Have your walk-ins inspected by our experts at CPS
    Our well-trained maintenance team can spot a problem before it takes out your walk-in and all of the food you’re storing in it with it.

With help from CPS, you can enjoy the summer’s heat with the confidence that the food in your walk-ins is being stored at the proper temperature.