Preventative Maintenance For Commercial Deep Fryers - What You Need To Know

Inspecting your deep fryer is a hassle, but somebody’s got to do it. Here’s how to perform preventative maintenance on your commercial deep fryer.

Commercial deep fryers are a thing of beauty. These units can cook literally hundreds of food items and provide your patrons with no small amount of joy. That being said, these profitable units can become your worst nightmare if they are not tended to on a regular basis. It's important to check your commercial deep fryer for damage, to clean it regularly, and to be mindful of your fry oil. Here's what you need to know about expanding your fryer's lifespan and performing preventative maintenance for commercial deep fryers.

Preventative Maintenance For Commercial Deep Fryers
Keep on top of your commercial kitchen repair and deep fryer maintenance by performing the following steps:

Always Clean The Fry Baskets At The End Of Service. Once the end of day has come and your fry oil is cool, wipe off your fry baskets and clean them of any crumbs. After removing any foreign particles, set the baskets in the dishwasher. Once the baskets are clean, let them dry completely before putting them back into the fryer so that the water does not cause oil splattering.

Boil Out Your Fry Oil Every 6 Months. In order to keep your commercial deep fryer clean you will want to do a thorough cleaning of your fry pot. Drain your fryer out completely of oil and fill it with the appropriate cleaning solution and warm water. Turn the fryer on so that the water reaches a safe simmer. Once simmering, carefully scrub the vat with a bristled brush. After scrubbing, let the water simmer for an hour and then drain and refill the vat with oil.

Clean The Element. After you have cleaned or filtered your fry oil, be sure that the heating elements are brushed and cleaned as well. This will help maintain a proper transfer of heat.

Do Annual Inspections. Doing annual inspections of your commercial deep fryer will make sure that it is not in need of repair. By keeping on top of your commercial deep fryer you will expand its lifespan and add to the quality and taste of the food you serve.

* It is important that you wear safety gloves during the “boiling out” process and never submerge your hands into the simmering water.

When your commercial fryer equipment fails, that means lost time and money. Don’t let that happen to you. Call CPS and let us perform commercial kitchen maintenance and repairs for your space. With our 365 day a year, 24 hour availability, you’re guaranteed to get your commercial kitchen up and running again in no time.