Ask a Tech: The Importance of a Clean Griddle

Posted April 25, 2014 by CPS

In many restaurants, the griddle is a mainstay of your kitchen’s output. This very versatile piece of equipment can make sure you keep operating with a number of food items. But the more food your griddle sees, the faster it gets worn down – which can lead to breakdowns over time.

One of the easiest things you can do to help your kitchen is keeping your griddle clean and seasoned for regular use. By keeping the griddle properly cleaned, you can make sure that it runs at its peak performance, and prevent flavor transfer.  Here are three things you can do today to keep it running:

1: Scrape your griddle after every use
This may seem like a very basic tip, but it is definitely worth mentioning here. Using a grill scraper every time food is cooked and removed keeps the surface of your grill fresh for every cooking, and is the key way to prevent flavor transfer. This quick step between your cooking can make sure your griddle is always fresh for use.

2: Do a quick, daily cleanse for your griddle
At the end of your kitchen’s day, make sure that you do a quick griddle cleaning with a grill brick. For those with a stainless steel griddle in your kitchen, be sure to always clean in the direction of the grain, to make sure you’re not damaging the surface of your griddle. A daily cleaning of a warm griddle can increase its life, and your kitchen’s productivity.

3: Clean and season your griddle once a week

Once a week, it’s always a good idea to do a complete cleaning of your griddle surface. This keeps the surface of your griddle new, and prevents food and grease from sticking to your grill surface. Using a food service grade degreaser is a better alternative to soap and water, as soaps and detergents can affect the flavor of food. Once the cleaning is complete, re-season your griddle using oil or shortening.

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